Let's Talk Spanish

Mexico City (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour)

April 23, 2021 ESpeak Spanish Season 4 Episode 14
Let's Talk Spanish
Mexico City (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour)
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I head to México's capital city to learn about some of the great things to do there and help you to practise your Spanish in this episode!

This is the third episode about Mexico and the 14th of our Spanish-Speaking World Tour. Find out about some of the main attractions in the city and also a really important historical site outside of the city called Teotihuacán.

I hope you find this episode really interesting and that it helps you to further your Spanish. Enjoy travelling around the Hispanic world with this podcast to learn Spanish!
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Introduction in English
Introducción a la Ciudad de México
Centro Histórico
Templo Mayor
Museo Nacional de Antropología
Casa Azul
Outro en español
Outro in English