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Fidel Castro: Líder de la revolución cubana (Biography in Spanish)

July 22, 2020 ESpeak Spanish Season 2 Episode 16
Let's Talk Spanish
Fidel Castro: Líder de la revolución cubana (Biography in Spanish)
Show Notes

Listen to hear all about the life of Fidel Castro and to practise your Spanish now!

Fidel Castro was the leader of the Cuban Revolution and is known around the world for being one of the greatest revolutionaries of all time. He and his Movimiento 26 de Julio used guerrilla tactics to defeat a much larger military regime in their country that was backed by the US government, in doing so making Cuba the first Communist state in the Western Hemisphere.

Following this came nearly 50 years of ruling the country. Many prefer to scorn his work and label him as a tyrant, a murderer and an awful leader. However, Cuba did achieve lots of great things under his leadership, such as incredible leaps in healthcare and education. Under his guidance, the country has also played a huge role in foreign affairs, particularly supporting revolutionary groups in Africa and even playing a significant part in the fight against apartheid - something which is completely overlooked.

In this episode I speak in Spanish about all of this and more, trying to include lots of interesting bits of information that you might not have heard before. This episode could easily have been a lot longer as there is so much to say about this man, but I've tried to cut it down to make it more digestible for Spanish learners. 

Find the transcript in Spanish and English for this episode at https://espeakspanish.com/2020/07/22/lets-talk-spanish-51-fidel-castro-transcript/

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