Let's Talk Spanish

Wifredo Lam - pintor afrocubano (Biography in Spanish)

August 19, 2020 ESpeak Spanish Season 2 Episode 20
Let's Talk Spanish
Wifredo Lam - pintor afrocubano (Biography in Spanish)
Show Notes

In this final episode of the series, practice your Spanish listening while learning all about Wifredo Lam, the very interesting 20th-century Cuban painter.

Lam's work was a mixture of cubism, surrealism and Afro-Caribbean art, a mixture produced from his heritage and his many years spent in Europe, particularly Spain and France.  I hope you find this really useful for improving your Spanish and expanding your knowledge of less-celebrated artists!

Find the transcript in Spanish and English for this episode at https://espeakspanish.com/2020/08/19/lets-talk-spanish-59-wifredo-lam-transcript/

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