Let's Talk Spanish

Beginners' Corner 20: Qué quieres hacer este año?

August 23, 2020 ESpeak Spanish Season 3 Episode 20
Let's Talk Spanish
Beginners' Corner 20: Qué quieres hacer este año?
Show Notes

In the final Beginners' Corner episode, I speak in Spanish for 5 minutes about the things I want to do during the rest of the year. 

Over the previous 19 episodes, I've introduced lots of new Spanish vocabulary and phrases. Here, I bring lots of this together to give you some more great Spanish listening practice. I've also included some new phrases, such as 'Me gustaría'!

Find the transcript in Spanish and English for this episode at https://espeakspanish.com/2020/08/23/lets-talk-spanish-beginners-corner-20-transcript/

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