Let's Talk Spanish

Bilbao y El País Vasco (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour)

January 13, 2021 ESpeak Spanish Season 4 Episode 1
Let's Talk Spanish
Bilbao y El País Vasco (The Spanish-Speaking World Tour)
Show Notes

Learn all about the city of Bilbao and the Basque Country while getting some intermediate Spanish practice in the first episode of our new series, The Spanish-Speaking World Tour!

I speak about lots of the main attractions in Bilbao, including the Museo Guggenheim which has brought the city back to life since its opening. I also speak a lot about the region's food since it's one of the food capitals of Europe, I particularly spend time speaking about 'pinchos' ('pintxos' in Basque), the area's version of 'tapas'.

At the end of the episode, I even teach you a few words in Basque, so you'll be learning two languages by listening to this Spanish lesson. Enjoy!

Find the transcript in Spanish and English for this episode at https://espeakspanish.com/2021/01/13/lets-talk-spanish-61-bilbao-transcript

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